Monday, September 21, 2009

Wow...I got my first paying customer!

Hello Everyone! Did you guys miss me? I spent a whole week celebrating my birthday......just joking...I wish lol! I have been so busy lately. I finally received my first paying customer....Yep you heard me right, I got paid to build someone else's website. It isn't completely finished yet and I do plan to finish it.....It was an interesting experiment for me, his website had a completely different website host. I am so use to working on and with Office Live Websites that this project really consumed my time, energy and insanity lol! It was one of those simple projects that gets me confused by the simplicity of it! Only one web-page and I took 2 full days to half way complete it....errrr! If you end up viewing my first paid for website, please keep in mind that the customer submitted confusing directions at first that threw me way off and I turned a small project into a huge dramatic project.....That's just me though lol.....I stress about little things!

I never knew that my help website would actually turn into a money making site! As I stated before, my intentions was to help others! Getting paid to help others is a big plus for me! Work with benefits, what a wonderful thing. With this all stated, if you know of anyone who needs or wants a small website built, please direct them my way. I will really appreciate the business and the help! "Help me Help you!" I have also made a new page on my website, this is where I actually offer my service to people who need help with their websites!
Until next time, Good Luck on your internet experiences!


  1. Haha nice! Helping people is awesome, but I must admit getting paid is always a great thing as well! :)

  2. Glad to hear and well done, it's a lot more difficult than all the $97 'how to' guides will have you believe. Seems like all the big Internet Marketing names make their money teaching their method, hmmm, maybe they no longer work lol