Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Transferring Office Live Website Domain Name to new Hosting!

The Microsoft Office Live Website transition to Office 365 has really stressed out many people. Including myself who builds and develops websites full time. Don't worry, I am here to help!

One of my previous blog posts talked about transitioning an Office Live website to Office 365. What a pain in the butt it was, but I had moved my shopping website and domain name to office 365 by following the many steps they provided in the Office 365 transition guide.

Right when I heard the transition was mandatory, I told myself there is is no way I will be moving my Website Help site to Office 365. Therefore, I chose a new web hosting company. I certainly didn't want to have to re-create my website in Office 365, it was a pain and a long learning process when it was developed and designed in Microsoft Office Live back in 2009. Office 365 has the same website builder and features. There are some minor differences, but to me it is not worth paying for. So what I did to save and transfer my Office Live site to a new hosting account was: I saved all my website images to my computer, I copied and pasted all of my web pages to Notepad, saved and labeled the pages in notepad and I then chose "move domain name" in My Administrative panel at Microsoft Office Live. By choosing to move my custom domain name, it was released to the domain registrar company called Melbourne IT. I then created a "my account" at Melbourne It. Logged in and went to domain management, added my domain name there. Once my domain name was showing at Melbourne It, I requested my hosting company to do a website domain name transfer. If this is something you are also going to do with your Microsoft Office Live websites, be sure to confirm all emails that come to you. I missed an important email step which made my website domain transfer take much longer than it should. Don't be afraid to call melbourne IT or your new hosting company to make this website transfer easier. Also, if you need any help email me at owner@helpwithyourwebsite.com.


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