Saturday, June 26, 2010

Creating Websites!

Creating websites is what I have been up to lately. To be able to provide the website help that is needed, I have to explore many different websites and website hosting companies. The best way to learn website development and web design is to get online and start making websites. The more experience a website developer and or designer may have, the more website help they can provide to their customers, friends and followers. 

My niece and I was watching "America's got talent" the other night and she asked me "What is your talent?" I shrugged my shoulders and said "I don't know." I should of told her that my talent was helping others with website development. That would of sounded a little boring to her, so next time I will tell her my talent is my skill. My skill is website developing and helping others. Yes there are many others who can also provide website tips and help but I believe it does take talent to manage many websites, provide website help, write articles online, update many online blogs, be a homecare worker, answer hundreds of emails and also find time to spend with my family.

I wanted to share with you guys again my real money tips website. I had created this free google website a few months ago and decided to take a good look today at my help information I had included for people who are looking for ways to make money online. All the information that I included is true and I hope it may help all you website owners. Via my free Google website, I am unable to manage all of the Search Engine Meta tags and page descriptions like I can on my Microsoft Office Live Websites. So with that said, I was curious to see if my Google site would be indexed and ranked in the search engines. Today, I found it on Google search results when I searched "real money tips"! Yee Pee, I am excited about that. That shows that providing helpful information in a website will help your search engine page rank.

So far, I have tried out Microsoft Office Live websites, Google Sites, websites, websites and I have helped customers with many other websites that are hosted on different servers. Now that I mentioned, you can sign up for a free website there and receive free hosting as long as you use a free website name that includes

For an example: My free weebly website is named: It is a resource website for me to just mess around and get familiar with the website editor, website templates and page designer. I have also included some personal information that allows people to get to know me better. I made a couple new web pages on it today that will eventually help me organize my online work. My articles page, lists all the websites where I publish articles at. So with this website help blog, you will not only learn how to create a website, you will also learn how too make money online and how to make money with your articles.


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