Thursday, September 24, 2009

Take off that blue border! New Page to Help Website!

The New Page on my Help Website helps other webmasters with removing the blue border around images. Do you want to insert a linked image but can't get the blue border off? With much research and a helpful guided resource, I was able to come up with a easy solution and code to remove the border. While some people like the border, I don't. So if you want to remove the unmatching border from your linked website image then this is the page to read!

While you are reading this, I want to ask all of you: How is everyone doing? Is your websites doing well? Does any one have any amazing stories to tell about your online success? I would love to read and share your website stories. Does everyone know about placing google adsense ads on your site? Google ads are those lovely ads that add more content and helpful resources to your website. Not only do they add helpful links, they help you monetize your website!

Does anyone have any questions for me about web site development? Can I provide you with any help? If you have questions, please contact me here!

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