Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY - Do it Yourself

Contributed by Maria Ruiz
The house that my husband and I bought is a fixer upper. We have lived in it for 3 years and we still aren’t done with it. My husband assured me when we bought it that he would get everything done with in the first year, but that obviously didn’t happen. I would love to just do everything myself, but I honestly don’t know where to begin. My friend, Jamie, fixed her house up by herself. She has a husband similar to mine. He claimed he would fix their house up too, but it was empty promises. She got fed up with it and ended up doing everything herself. She regrouted her bathroom and kitchen, she made actual counter tops for the kitchen and installed them, and she even did the molding in her house. I have obviously asked her how she learned to do everything and she told me she learned a lot from watching the DIY TV channel. I don’t have the channel, but I plan on visiting expertsatellite and upgrading our package to include the channel. Maybe I will be able to fix up some things like Jamie did.

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