Thursday, March 11, 2010

ATTENTION ALL FOLLOWERS! Learn from this mistake.

I just changed the name of this blog!
Before this blog was called, I just changed it to I was noticing that my blog posts were not revolved around my Shopping website but it was more directed to my Help website. I started this blog when I was very new to blogger and didn't know exactly what I was going to blog about. I made a mistake and named it wrong.

I am not sure how the name change will affect my blog traffic, so learn from my mistake. Make sure you plan the name of your website and blog out before naming it or creating it. Due to the name change of this blog, my google rankings will most likely drop because of the fact that there is no longer a shopwithtammyonline blogspot. I hope none of my followers punish me for my mistake. I am admiting this name change to you to help those who plan to make more blogs. Do your blog research and learn from other people's mistakes.

Also, please take some time to view my new and free Google website called Real Money Tips! It isn't completely finished but I have added some helpful tips on how to make money online.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with your name change! I just made the mistake of changing the content of a post and realized the name of that page (the address, I mean) didn't change. Not sure how to fix it.