Monday, March 1, 2010

Marine Electronics Review Website that I have helped!

It has been about a month since I have posted anything on this blog because I have been busy working on websites. One website that I would like for everyone to take some time and view is Marine Electronics I have helped Greg produce content for his website, place keywords, meta-tags and descriptions on his web pages and now I am helping him with his ranking, and website advertising. His website has information on Marine Electronics and has some helpful resource links and reviews. Like I have stated in my help website, you need to expose your website to get traffic to it. If you need help with your website, please do not hesistate to contact me for my help. I have helped many people and have displayed a few sites on my testimonials page. Via my page, I display screenshots of some of the websites I have helped and I have placed customer quotes for you to read.

Another thing that I have decided to do is re-design my shopping website. My shopping website has affiliate banners and links with website descriptions that I have access to via Linkshare and Commision Junction. I have decided to take their banners and links off of my website due to the lack of tracking sales that they are supplying for me. I will be replacing their ads and links with my google affiliate links and banners. Please stay updated. I will write a post when I complete my new design on my Shop with Tammy website.

Many of you may have also noticed my new ehow events blog. If you write for ehow, I encourage all of you to take a moment to become a follower of my new blog. I post my actual ehow earnings via my ehow events blog and you may find it interesting to see my personal opinions and experiences with ehow.

Until my next blog post, may all of your websites and articles online become successful and popular! Feel free to leave your website link and comments in the comments box below. Thanks for following my websites and blog posts. My daughter is now searching for followers to her blog. Please become her follower here.

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