Saturday, February 4, 2012

Transferring Office Live to Office 365- Update from previous post.

YES. I did it. I transitioned one out of my 3 Microsoft Office Live Websites to Office 365. Well I should say....I transferred my custom domain name to Office 365. My shopping Website needed Re-designed anyway so I didn't transfer all the content, just the domain name, some text and hopefully the email account and contacts are all transitioned. We will see. My website help site is not yet transitioned....I wanted to make sure I was able to transfer my other site to Office 365 first. For those of you who would like to know what Office 365 is like, well it is the same sitebuilder as office live website. Nothing much different other than we will have to pay more now. I would like to say that the Website transition was easy but nope...I was shaking my head through out the whole process. I am glad I had my shopping website to do the testing transfer. Well if anyone needs help transitioning your website to Office 365, you need to contact me REAL soon because it is a process and it is time consuming. The more content and pages you have, the longer it will take.

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