Saturday, October 22, 2011

Making matching mommy and little mummy Halloween costumes

Guest post written by Gloria Roberts
I wasn't so sure if I wanted to partake in this, but when my daughter told me that the only way she would go trick or treating this year would be if I dressed up in a matching costume with her. At first I thought that she was joking, but she clearly wasn't. I didn't want my 6-year-old to miss out on something as fun as trick or treating so I agreed and started figuring out what she should dress up as.
I used our wireless internet to look up some ideas about what exactly I should make and I came up with the ideas to make us mummy costumes because it would also be funny to be a mommy mummy.
So far these costumes aren't too difficult, especially because I have a sewing machine. If I didn't have one of those, it might be considerably harder. I decided that sewing strips of white fabric (old bed sheets, actually) would be much easier if it's just on to leggings instead of pants. That way it's also cheaper too. I think this Halloween is definitely going to be a success.

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