Friday, August 19, 2011

What makes a website a good Website?

What makes a good website?

Many of you have probably at one time wondered what makes a good website. 

Below is a list of things that make this hearing aid website a good website. 

1. Design- The design of a website must look good. If it is a business website, it must look clean and professional. A business website should have a calm web design and not look too flashy. Now if you are building a fun or gaming website, you can have flash and lots of color. 

2. Navigation- The navigation of the website must be easy to use. You do not want broken links to your different pages on your website. You also don't want to have to search for the navigation or menu bar to all of the different pages. Do you see how on this hearing aids site it is at the top of the page and easy to navigate through? You want to place the navigational menu at the top or left side of the main home page of your website. 

3. Contact Information- A good website displays the contact telephone number, contact page or email address. 

4. Displays only related content- A good website will display only related information on the website. For example: A hearing aid website will not display Dog Food on their website. It should only show things that are related to the website topic. 

5. Adds social interaction- A good website will add social tools to their websites so that it makes their visitors interact on the website. Adding Facebook and Twitter social buttons is a great way to get your website visitors to interact with your site and stay longer. 

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