Sunday, July 18, 2010

What is SEO Marketing?

Increase your website Page Rank by learning SEO and Search Engine Marketing!

I have recently been working on my Search Engine Marketing Certification through Web CEO. Why am I learning what SEO Marketing is? Learning how to optimize and market your website is a very important step in website development. I want to be able to increase my website page rank and help other website owners do the same. I have received wonderful and free SEM, SEO, and SMM training through Web CEO and I am writing this website help post to share my experience with you.

Although I believed I already knew everything there was about website development, I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing and also to eventually show proof of certification in SEO and SEM. The Search Engine Marketing trainings are not too long to complete in my spare time and I have already passed half of the quizes that are tested at the end of each course. The Search Engine Marketing courses teach website developers how to increase their website page rank in the search engines. There isn't just one thing that is needed to be done when you want to properly optimize your website. Therefore, learning how to apply good Search Engine Optimization to your website through SEM is a great reward in the end.

If you are a website owner who also would like to learn what SEO Marketing is and how it will help your website, you can also download the same helpful software that includes the free seo training courses!

SEO software by Web CEO


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