Sunday, January 31, 2010

What is happening at eHow?

New Ehow blog! Hi everyone, it's me Tammy. I have an Important update for all of my followers. I just created my ehow blog. So much is happening at ehow and since I want to follow my own advice on "how to keep blog followers?" I wanted to make a special blog for all ehow members.

Please join me in posting comments, questions, and concerns about ehow and you can also link your articles and or websites on my new blog. I will be posting earnings tips and updates through out my new blog posts.  I know how much I like seeing other blogger earnings and I would like to help my friends at ehow stay motivated. If you want to link an ehow article on my ehow blog, just leave a comment to my posts and leave your article or website url in the comment box also.

This doesn't mean that I will no longer be posting helpful website tips on this blog. So please stay connected and I hope you look forward to future posts. Please also stay updated with my help website and shopping website.


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  2. Awesome job on staying transparent and helping others out. It's a very brave thing to do because of the fact you are throwing out exactly what you are making, and well, those are the numbers and there is no way getting around this. As well, keeping blog followers is so important because you start gaining a following and that is what you are looking for.


    Chris Pontoon