Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Look to my blog and website! What do you think?

Okay so I am experimenting with my blog and I need my followers advice. Me asking you for help? I am sopose to be helping you right? Well here is the deal, I am a left handed person. Growing up, my mom always told me that I looked awkward doing simple every day things. I am curious if my blog only looked good before to me because I am left handed? I have changed it a little bit because I want my followers and readers to enjoy their time at my blog. Is it easier to read now? Should I change it back to where my profile picture and followers are on the right side?

I have heard that making an easy to read and follow blog will help with blog traffic. What do you think? Are the colors okay to you? Many of my blog followers have websites and blogs of their own so that is why I am asking for all of your advice on how I can improve my blog? I have also changed the text font on my Help Website. I have changed it from Times New Roman to Georgia text font.  Maybe if you have a chance, you can view my help website's home page and tell me what you think? Or can you even tell the difference? 

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