Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to choose the right domain name for your website!

Hello everyone, I was contacted by a great blog and website visitor today. He asked me to write a post on how to choose the right domain name for your website. For all of you who are starting your website, this post will be very helpful to you also. For all of my followers who already have a website, you may need to read this helpful post to see if you have chosen the correct domain name for your web site. Having more than one website is also recommended. So you can apply the steps below to your future website(s).

Choose the correct website domain by choosing the correct Website Niche or topic!
Think of what you want your website to be about. Ask your self what you enjoy doing. When I chose my website domain name of, I was in the process of making my shopping website that has the domain name of: I kept running into problems with my shopping website and needed a lot of help on my Microsoft office live website. I thought to myself that it would be wonderful to have a website to turn to for help. That is when my new website domain name idea was create. I realized that I loved working on websites and I also knew that people were searching for answers on how to complete certain tasks on their OfficeLive websites.
When choosing your domain name, you need to include a keyword that people will use to search for your website. Such as: Help website! My main keyword phrase is "help website" or "website help". I have included both keyword phrases into my website domain name.
Create your website around your domain name. It would of been silly of me to choose: and then create my pages about dogs, cats or cars. That is why my content is written to help other website owners with their sites.
Choose a domain name that isn't going to be a big competition! If you choose a large topic or domain name for your website, then you will have to make an outstanding large website to beat your competitors. If you are a beginner website developer, then I highly suggest you picking a small website niche and domain name.  If you want your website to be found in the search engines, then you need to narrow your options down to a certain subject. If you like cars and know a lot about them, you should pick a certain type of car to make your website about. Instead of your domain name being: it should be for example: Those are just examples and I am not sure which websites the prior links will take you to if clicked on.

I have included some Amazon books above that you can use to do more domain name research with if you desire. I am also available every other day to answer any future questions you may have. So feel free to leave a comment in the comment area below this blog post. Just ask and I will do my best to anwer any domain name questions you may have.

Thanks for all of your support, comments and website questions!


  1. Hello Tammy:

    When I decided to give blogging another chance, I didn’t really have much of a plan. No written plans. I decided to pick ascendingwizards as the front part of the domain. Currently, it really has nothing to do with my blog, with is supposed to contain any kind of stories. No one has coined the term “Ascending Wizards.” I could follow your advice and start another blog and have a name that seems to be related to my blog. I have a good feeling people will have trouble finding my blog because the words “ascending” and “wizards” are not popular search terms. If they do find it, I would consider it lucky. Ascending is not a common word most people use numerous times.

    I really do want to keep my domain name because it sounds real good to me. It can possibly relate to my blog. Ascending could refer to the excellent skills or abilities that are mentioned in the blog. People with those special traits can be considered wizards. I would like anyone to share their opinions on what we both Tammy and me pointed out.

    What can offset my uncommon domain name is how I describe the blog. I would need to research on popular search terms. I knew about that awhile ago.

    From Samuel

  2. When I started this blog, it was intended for my shopping website. But now it is just an updated blog for all of my websites. Mainly my help website and income tips. When I stated the domain name should be centered around your content, I mean in your website mostly. A blog and website are a little different. I was going to start a new blog for my help website and never got to it. Now that it is getting a little popular, I will keep it the same name. Starting a new blog will direct me to doing a lot of work I have already done. Such as writing many long posts, link my friends, articles and ads. So with this blog, I did not choose the right domain name like I lectured in my last blog post. Thanks Samuel for bringing this concern to my attention....I believe "ascending wizards" is a good name for what you have going for your blog. If you decide on a website or blog later on, try to not make the mistake I did lol.

  3. What’s really bugging me is the theory that a short domain name is recommended for people who wants to achieve a lot while making websites. I bought two domain names, and I feel it’s a waste of money even though it’s cheap. I wonder how many people out there will be picky when it comes to either follow up or look up a website. I feel like a certain person gave me a bad advice by telling me to buy domain names. I, who enjoys using computers, don’t mind at all dealing with websites that has long names such as Now how about It’s really not that bad. and are two hosting companies that don’t charge customers with fees for the domain names. Right now times are tough, and I will not continue to pay for unnecessary services.

    I shall end this with positive notes. Thank you Tammy for your kind words. It seems like you covered everything on how to choose a domain name. It wasn't long to read even with all the info you gave out. You did a great job.

  4. You are very welcome Samuel. Buying a custom domain name just helps with people remembering it better, also I have personally experienced custom domain names ranking higher than those that are free. If people are just starting out in making websites, they need to start with a free domain name with the hosting name included like you stated above. Unless of course you have a lot of money and really want that certain website name.

  5. Hi Tammy, this is jenicoe2001 from eHow! Terrific blogs- your info and tips are great for us beginners. Your example is exactly my problem with my blog. My domain name has nothing to do with fighting Puppy Mills! :( I have been trying to figure out a domain name for my blog for a over a year now. If you have any ideas, would you please email me? I am going to read more of your articles to help me with my online writing. Thank you, Tammy! :)