Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Expose and List your Website!

Hello all blog followers, website and business owners. I have explained in the past the importance of exposing your website. All website owners should take some time to list and expose their website to their future customers. This is the perfect time to announce Universal Business Listing.org. UBL is an online business who will list your business in all of the top search engines, secondary search engines, city guides, portals, gps navigation devices, online yellow pages and online directories for only $30 a year. Their mission is to get your updated information online and present to as many online destinations as possible.

For only $30 a year you will have an updated profile listed all over the internet. No more stressing over having to find time to visit every single search engine and website directory to update and submit your online business and website. Having a well written online profile with accurate and complete information is what all website owners and businesses need to be found by their customers. Your customers are searching for your online business. It is your job to get out there and be the voice for your website and business. Improve your search listings now at Universal Business Listings.org.


  1. Hey Tammy! Jenicoe from eHow! I found you on Digg, I am so far behind the curve!! lol Another excellent article! I luv your blog! I have a question- is your Blogger blog here free or one you have to pay for? Thanks! TTYS!!

  2. Hi Jenicoe, My blogger blog is free. If you look up at the url (we address) it shows .blogspot on the end. Anyone who has blogspot.com at the end means that they have a free blog through blogger.com. I am happy to hear you like my blog posts. How is ehow going for you?