Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Earnings from Google Adsense and Articles

Hello To all of my followers and friends. I decided to share with you my earnings from my websites and articles to help motivate you. I also wanted to say Thank-you for all of the support that I have had from all of you. My help website has became pretty popular and my shopping website is hanging on barely. This shows the importance of picking out the right website niche. Also, I wanted to point out to everyone that I have been working on my help website and neglecting my shopping site. So with that said, that is why my earnings are coming from Help with your website and not ShopwithTammy.

I have also been pretty active on ehow so my earnings are starting to add up. For those who are unaware of what ehow is then I will tell you that it is a wonderful writing website where you can earn from your simple "how to articles." You can view my articles here if you want to see more about the website. I have been a member there for almost 5 months now and I just love it. I have written a total of 82 articles, not counting the ones that they removed and I have earned $91.60. I will provide a screen shot of my earnings below to show you the details for each month of earnings.
The image above shows that in my first month at ehow, I earned $8.49. It was a slow month and it took ehow nearly 30 days to post my earnings. I was just getting the hang of everything and slowly found out the method of making money. If you write at ehow and need to know some tips to help you earn, then you can contact me anytime.

My Google adsense earnings have been okay and can definetly use some help lol. I am on my second cashout and I have my account set to cash out when my earnings reach $100. My google adsense earnings come from my Help Website and I can also earn from my shopping website. I have made around $270 total with adsense within a few months of working online. My goal is to have more help pages available and of course earn a lot more. It would be very nice to earn $200 a month on both ehow and adsense but we will see. It all depends on how much time and work I put into promoting and writing.

Well I hope everyone is busy working on their websites and articles also. I hope everyone is also earning a descent amount of money. Good Luck and Keep Me Posted on your status.

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