Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Add a favicon to your Office Live Website!

What is a favicon? Do you see the little icon (picture) that is up on your address bar when you view a webpage? It is short for "favorite icon." Go Ahead look up and see if blogger has the orange favicon at the top. I was contacted by a website owner on "how to add a icon to his officelive website?" I knew it could be done, but didn't realize how hard it actually was to do.

After researching and trying different things for nearly 6 hours, I finally completed the task of adding a favicon to my website. I used a small screen shot image of my help website for my favicon. I have now completed a help page on my website to show all of my followers and website owners how to do the exact same thing.
It will be much easier for you then me, since I did all the trial and error lol.

Do you want to add a favicon to your website? Learn more about it and how to do so here on my help page!
I would say that I can physically help place this on your website, but unfortunately I can only tell you the steps to take because of the fact that I have already applied the steps to my website and have already downloaded the certain file that is needed for my computer and website. I thought this through and figured I could place the code and everything for you but unfortunately I can't. But do not hesistate to contact me if you need my help. You can also first see if this page has enough information for you.

I would also like to take this time to notify everyone of Rudy Castro's Catering service. I have helped him with his website and it is definetly worth checking out. Let me know how well I did and if I can provide any website help to you and your site.

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