Friday, November 6, 2009

Google Adsense Tips! Increase your adsense earnings.

For all of you website owners who want to increase your google adsense earnings. You have to view Google Adsense Tips! Please make sure you apply the tips carefully and read each and every free adsense tip. I get contacted every day on google adsense placement and it surprises me to see how many website owners ignore the help that is provided online. When I first started with google adsense, I will be honest, I never truly believed it was possible to make so much money online. Hopefully everyone who reads this post understands that you can't just throw up some ads from google and then wonder why your website is not earning. You have to apply the tips, secrets and tricks that are described on THIS page! Also keep in mind, there is more tips that need published and this is the newest page for adsense tips. There was so much important things to share with you that I ran out of room and need to continue my ad tips on another helpful page via Help with your If any of you have any questions or need help with your website, please contact me at

Until my next blog post, good luck to everyone and I hope you enjoy the exciting information that I share with you.
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  1. Thank you for sharing this tips.

  2. Hello Tammy:

    Would you look at my website and just critique the adsense ads? there's so much time i have to work on things. no need to critique my posts. they definitely could use more improvements. thank you in advance.

    From Samuel

    ps i think i will ask you questions here on comment section so others could see your answers.

  3. Hi Slee, I don't know if you will see this comment but I wanted to tell you that I viewed three of your blogs. You should move your google ads to the top and middle parts of your pages. Also, blending them will increase your earnings because people will be more likely to view links that look like they are a part of your website. Some people are picky and don't like to be re-directed to someone elses site. I hope this helps you. Let me know if you are able to view this comment and we can communicate via the comments like you suggested. Thanks for reading my blog posts and I hope my help website and tips improve your earnings. Contact me anytime.

  4. Sorry for being dumb at the time. I only needed my Ascending Wizards blog to be checked. Other three are barely worked on.

    Thank you for looking at my blogs. So, I will follow your recommendations and say goodbye to colorful blogs.

    I could see your comment. Isn't it awesome? What do you mean "improve your earnings?" I don't have any earnings to speak of. LOL

  5. I made changes to the colors, including the color of the template. How are my colors so far? Do they blend?

  6. Hi Slee, I will check your blog again to see how it looks...You should have a start of earnings since yesterday lol. Happy New Year to you! May your new year be blessed with many great income sources and friends.

  7. About the earnings. It's a new blog. You also make it sound easy. I think it's not. And do you know what else? You make me feel really dumb for not having any clicks. . . LOL. Someone had just clicked on one of my ads. It probably was you. I have a total of four. I did the other three clicks. I'm not going my own anymore. Google could probably find a way if the clicks are for real.

  8. Happy New Year to You, my first follower. Thank you for following me. Now I don't feel lonely.

    I have a great idea. I'll support my followers. In return they will support me.

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  10. Never mind about sending me your link to your blog, I found it and linked your photo that is on the right side of my blog to your blog lol...I hope that made sence. Take care and I will talk with you soon.

  11. Now I just checked out the info on Adsense at your website. I learned quite a bit. Now I only have one Adsense and I picked text ads. I do fully understand content is the key, and it seems like I'm in a hurry to place ads.

    Would you like to place an ad for no charge on my blog? Anyone else reading this may also ask me to place a free ad on it.