Friday, October 2, 2009

Add a scroll box to your website! New Page on Help Site!

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Add a scroll box to your website, html code provided for all website owners. Just copy and paste the code via this page into your site to display a helpful Scroll Box!
What is a scroll box used for? You can use a scroll box to display lists of products for sale, helpful tips for your viewers, links to articles or important web pages!
Using a scroll box in your site adds interactivity for your visitors! This will help your visitors view key products on your site. If you have a shopping site, you can add a list of "sale" or clearance items. If you have an article website, you can show off your top articles via a scroll box. If you have an office live website, you can also add a scroll box to your site!
For an office live site, many of you may need to follow the iframe method of inserting the scroll box. If you are able to just copy and paste the provided html code, than please let me know. There have been many web site owners who have had trouble just copying and pasting the code.....this is why I created another helpful guide to show MOL users how to use the iframe method instead.
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