Friday, September 4, 2009

Update for All website owners!

Update for All website owners!

Hi, how is everyone doing? I hope everyone is progressing well with their websites. Many of us website owners turn into webaholics lol! I am constantly working on my websites, practice makes perfect and dedication makes success. I hope everyone is starting to make some good money from their websites.

Even if you are making zero to little income, don't give got to picture the future! What will your online income be in the future? Your hard work will eventually pay off. I was checking out tweeter just minutes ago and saw a man's adsense earnings of $830 some a day....Yeah, can you believe that in a day this guy makes $830 with google adsense.

I don't know if it is the complete truth, because he wanted me to pay for his "secret adsense tips" but his earnings page sure looked real to me. Can you guys imagine making $830 a day with your google accounts? Wow, I am still in shock lol! Seeing this site really motivated me even though I am not sure if he was telling the truth or not. I don't think I would be telling my secret if I made that much lol! If anyone checks into this site and finds out that it is a true story....PLEASE CONTACT ME lol. Don't worry...I am not trying to get you to check it that I get any referral commision because I don't get anything. I don't even know this person....I sure wish I did though. He is probably breaking the rules....Or has 2000 popular websites lol.

Ok, now that I am semi-over that whole thing...This is what is happening with Help with your website: I am building a web design section....Please keep in mind, not all pages are completed yet. Here is a summary page of what my web design section will be about. I will be adding a web design company page, so if any of you have website design companies, let me know and I will list your website via my future web page. I do have a new page for beginners: Microsoft office live web design tips....I will add "baby" pages via this page that will go into detail about the design tips. I am still collecting more useful design tips for officelive users. So, if you have any in mind....You can email me them if you want.

I also wanted to take this time to notify my followers and readers that my new friend Emma now has an interesting blog of her own. She is a professional writer and her blog posts are must reads. If you want to hear a good story, you can follow her blog here.

Until next time, Good Luck with your online marketing!

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