Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wow...what a fun couple of days!

Wow...I never knew work could be so much fun! I was recently invited to some article writing websites... (Thanks Emma)! I had to pry myself away from the websites at 5:00am this morning.

In the past I have recieved emails about getting paid to write articles...I just figured it was a big get rich thing that really only benefited the website owners. I figured the paid article emails were similiar to the "get paid to read emails" scam.

Well good news, there is a few ligit article writing websites out there! I haven't seen any cash yet...I just applied yesterday. I have however, gained exposure to around a hundred new friends who have viewed my help website. This is worth $100 to me if not more because I got free advertisement to my help website. I have been contacted via messages that viewers want to pay me to help build their websites. This is exciting news to me because like I have stated in the past, my intentions are to help other website owners. If I get paid to help others, that is a big bonus for me!
Ok, so for all of you anxious viewers, where are these article writing websites right?
Let me provide you some links: eHow-get paid for your article's! View the link for my article that I wrote called: "How to keep your man satisfied?" and here is another article you might find interesting!
Another website where you can get paid for your articles is called Helium! Do you like to compete with others? Helium has some fun, basic and easy writing contests where you can win cash prizes if you place.

Well I hope all you writers out there enjoy and benefit from the websites that I have posted today!
For all of you website owners, take advantage of the helpful links! Use them for free advertising for your website, business or blog.

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