Monday, August 31, 2009

My poor "Shop with Tammy" website! Learning as we go!

Welcome to my blog spot....Directed to all new followers! For those of you who have already been following me via my blog posts, know that I am just like you and many other web site owners: We are Learning as we go! We are not yet absolute pro's on web development. We do however have some very nice websites, great information, tips and advise to share with each other. Congratulations on the work every one has done via the internet! I am looking for new tips, web ideas and advise as well.

What has been happening to me lately? Constant work on my websites and I have also been helping other website owners with their websites. That is what my help website is all about. I am here to help! Less than two months ago, I was a homecare worker and recently became unemployed. My help website and the support from all of my followers and readers have given me hope for a brighter career online. It is progressing well and I am so glad to have all of you with me on my journey.

I have neglected my "Shop with Tammy" website, every since my help website has bloomed. My goal is to include my poor little shopping website in my every day tasks. Maybe I will work on it today and better the web design. My shopping website was one of my first websites and I wasn't as dedicated to it as I am to my recent and more successful website. So if you are bored and want a new website to visit, view my poor little shopping website, she needs help lol! Any helpful suggestions are welcome.

While providing as much help possible to other website owners, I have become a "twitter" user. It is so strange how that site works. For all of you who don't use "twitter," it is a great place to advertise your work and also follow up on what everyone else is doing online to make money or to have fun. If you use twitter you can find me here! I will be looking forward to seeing every one there.

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