Saturday, August 8, 2009

Laughter is good....Helping plus laughter is what makes work fun!

Hello everyone again....This is going to be a little more relaxed blog post!

I have been busy working away at my websites and helping website owners along the way.
I recieved an email from a very eager website owner a couple days ago! She was a fun person to help. She kept deleting her website pages everytime she messed up...She must of deleted her pages like three different times because she was trying to get her ads up and running. Finally, I realized she didn't know how to delete an image. I quickly emailed her and stated "Use the delete key on your keyboard". I didn't want her to keep deleting her website pages.....LOL.

This goes to show everyone, how anxious a person may get....She kept making more work for herself....Bless her for her hard work on trying to get her website ads up! (She has a degree in English, but not in computers)

Emma if you are reading this blog post then I apologize for the laughter....You are a very smart just need to slow down lol!

It is great to have laughter and friends in a work environment....This is a message to all website owners who are in the process of building their websites....KEEP IT FUN! Don't get wrapped up on the....I got to do this and complete this and email this person ect.....take your time and go with the flow!
Building websites can get very stressful at times, so just relax and enjoy the work that you do!
Good Luck to everyone!
Until my next post.....Have Fun....Laughter is good!

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