Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Microsoft officelive help forum is now create on my website!

Good Evening viewers!
My plan totally changed today when it came time to work on my websites, I received a very helpful and generous email from another website owner seeking help. (Thank-you). He suggested that I should add a help forum to my website. He and I both agreed it would be a great addition and help for my help website. I just love it when others "help me to help them"! By the way, if any one knows of any way to add a scroll box to your officelive website......Please let me know so I can spread the word to others.

Ok for those of you who didn't already know, Microsoft officelive doesn't provide a forum page template for your website. So, I was able to use my skills LOL, to embedd or insert a help forum template from another website. I had to copy, paste, upload and configure the advanced features on my website to be able to do this. I am so proud of myself....LOL!

I am waiting for some posts now from my help forum.......I am anxious to help somebody!
View my help forum here!

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