Sunday, June 28, 2009

Website Ideas and How to make money off of them!

Website Ideas and how to make money off of them!

There are many different website ideas and there are several different ways to make money off of your website.

Business websites: Making a business website is where you create a website related and revolved around your business. Let's say you have a daycare and you would like more clients, or you would like to be able to post your rules, handbook and schedule online. You would build a website about your would include your schedule on one page and your main "home" page would be designed around the name of your daycare. You would want to make your home page very simple, short and attractive. You would also have another page that displayed your rules and regulations. Your contact us page would have your contact information: Name, telephone number, address, and email address. Or if you would like, instead of your email address you can have a contact us form right there on the page.
Another example of a business website is: Let's say you have a photography studio and would like to display your work via the internet. You would then build a website about your photography business. You would most likely have a page called "about us" this is where you would describe information about you and your business. You would also like to have a page called "photo gallery" or "Our work samples", this will be a page where you post your photographs and work that you have done. See the main pages page to view more important pages needed for your business website.
Having a business website is helpful to you because it is a way of advertising your business. This leads to more clients and customers, which then leads to more money and business for you.

Affiliate websites: Making an affiliate website means that you would make a website that advertises other websites or products. You need to first think of which websites and products you want to promote, or advertise for. You may also want to make a website about dogs. If this was the case you would probably want to monetize by being an affiliate at petco or other dog stores. Here is an example of an affiliate website. An affiliate website allows you to pick and choose different stores online that you would like to be an advertiser for. After your website is made, you then want to sign up at different places as an affiliate. This way you are able to make money off of your website. If you find a good website that you enjoy shopping at, then you can usually find an affiliate page on their website. (This is usually located at the very bottom of websites) You can go to their affiliate page and sign up as an affiliate. You can then start refering others to their website by using the marketing tools that they supply. Marketing tools are banners and links that have html code that you place on your website. After placing the banners on your website, your customers then click on them to be directed to the website that you promote or are affiliated with. You then recieve a commision on each sale that occurs from your website. In the html banner codes that you place on your website, there is a tracking code that is used to show where the customer was directed from.

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